Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's this blog all about?

First off, welcome to my blog, A broad, abroad!

Recently I was given a grant from the Omprakash Foundation to cover the costs of a volunteer trip to Jaipur, India. I will be leaving the U.S sometime in January and heading to Rajasthan to work with Dr. Kulhari and his organization, The Center for Unfolding Learning Potential, or CULP. I am beyond excited to make this journey and to promote the fantastic opportunities available to volunteers in the US and abroad with Omprakash. Please feel free to visit the site www.omprakash.org and check out the partner organizations or check out my partner organization directly at www.culpjaipur.org. 

In exchange for the grant money given to me by Omprakash, I am also responsible for connecting others to the Omprakash network and promoting grassroots volunteerism! Before I leave in January, I will be tabling at different events in both the Metro and Mankato area. If anyone knows of some events coming up- let me know! I will be updating frequently on the preparations for the trip and hope to be able to share the experience with a wide audience.

Thanks for the support!
Updates to come soon :)
~ Sara